Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My word

I don't like the picture below because I don't think it is as effective as the second photo. I don't like the white horizontal line at the bottom of the photo. I also don't think the framing of the girls fully emotes to my word. 

I really like the photo below. I like the horizontal lines of the bars and the floor. I also like how you can see all of the girls in the reflection of the mirror but some of them are kind of cut off in their original pose. 

Framing an Object

I don't like the picture below because I don't think it brings enough focus onto the doll. Instead of looking at that, the eye is drawn more to the door hinge because it is so in focus. 

I like the photo below because it really draws attention to the scary upside down doll. I like the texture in the cracks in the floor also, but I think there might be too much white still in the wall. 

Landscape Framing

I like the framing in the photo because the bench is partially cut off and shows enough of the landscape to get a good idea of where the photo was taken. I like all the crooked trees in front of the building and the sidewalk going horizontal behind the bench also. I also really like the angle that the sun is coming from. 

I don't like the picture below as well because I think it brings too much focus on the bench. I also don't like how there is so much plain buildings on the left hand side. The lighting is way too bright at the top and the bottom of the photo is pretty dark so it is distracting to the eye. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Edited photo



Anne Geddes uses a lot of nature when she is photographing babies. For instance, she has many pictures of babies dressed up as flowers. I wanted to keep the nature theme so I took all of my pictures outside. I also wanted to photograph an actual person as well as just nature, so I talked my boyfriend Jesse into letting me use him as my subject. 

The picture in my las blog by Anne Geddes of a Grandfather holding a baby I thought could possible have the intention of showing the difference between being just born and having lived a long time. My top two photo's also have the same intention. The top photo is of a dying flower that has wilted away and is dark and gloomy, while my second photo shows a beautiful flower that is fully bloomed and vibrant. Both of these photo's have organic shapes and geometric lines. The first photo is almost abstract in that it takes a second to realize there is a park bench as the background in the photo. There are also the repeating lines in the second photo of the water drain. 

Anne Geddes also has many photographs of a pair of hands holding a tiny baby. My intention for the third photograph represents this same theme. While the new vibrant flower is the central focus in my picture, the baby is the central focus in Anne Geddes picture. Though the hands are not the central focus they help with the composition of my photograph. 

My last picture is just a silly picture I took of Jesse. I love that it is showing off his crazy, almost boyish personality. While the trees are organic and form almost a V shape, the background of the buildings as a landscape show geometric lines that also has quite a bit of repetition. The tree that Jesse is climbing is the central focus and the tree right behind it helps form a V shape. These tree's are curvy and the buildings and a few trees in the background are straight. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes was born in Queensland, Australia, in 1956. Though she has always had an interest in how strong photos can be, she didn’t start messing around with a camera until she was in her mid-twenties, when she actually taught herself how to take pictures. Anne Geddes is most known for her pictures of babies, which celebrate life and birth.

            Currently Anne Geddes is living and working in New Zealand. Not only is she a photographer but she is also a clothing designer, and a business woman. In most of her pictures, the babies are dressed up as cute things such as fairies, animals, and flowers.

            The picture I picked to critique is a photograph of a grandpa holding a tiny baby in his hands. By the content of the picture we can assume that the baby is the older man’s grandchild. The fact that the photograph can be a grandpa and grandchild, makes this documentary. It is recording a point of time in the grandpa and baby’s life. I could see a family getting pictures like this of their newborns to record and show the new addition to their family. This makes it seem like the intention of the photographer was to help families record memories of this point in their life that they can keep forever. I think it could also be representing the difference between being just born and having lived a long time.

Anne Geddes used a direct approach while she was taking this picture. The way that the baby is being held shows a curve that matches the curve of the grandpa’s stomach which makes this picture interesting to look at. The angle was taken directly in front of the grandpa and baby which I think is a good idea when taking portraits like this one. It really makes the central focus on the baby and grandpa. The light that is shining mainly on the baby and the front of the grandpa really emphasizes them and makes them look brighter than the background.

            There are a lot of lines in the wrinkles in the grandpa’s shirt and also in his hat and glasses. The texture between the grandpa and baby makes an interesting contrast. While the grandpa’s skin is wrinkly and shows signs of age, the baby has smooth skin that shows how new it is to this planet. I love that this picture shows a bond between family members. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Edited Photo's

Top: I decided to add color to this picture. I changed the color of the leaves to brighter colors. 
Middle: This is a picture of Nicolette looking at a bug. I thought this would look good in greyscale. 
Bottom:I really liked this photo because it showed the texture of the weeds very well. I only wanted to change the contrast a little and it made the green grass look brighter which I liked because I didn't have to completely change the original photo. 

Friday, September 5, 2008