Monday, September 15, 2008

Anne Geddes uses a lot of nature when she is photographing babies. For instance, she has many pictures of babies dressed up as flowers. I wanted to keep the nature theme so I took all of my pictures outside. I also wanted to photograph an actual person as well as just nature, so I talked my boyfriend Jesse into letting me use him as my subject. 

The picture in my las blog by Anne Geddes of a Grandfather holding a baby I thought could possible have the intention of showing the difference between being just born and having lived a long time. My top two photo's also have the same intention. The top photo is of a dying flower that has wilted away and is dark and gloomy, while my second photo shows a beautiful flower that is fully bloomed and vibrant. Both of these photo's have organic shapes and geometric lines. The first photo is almost abstract in that it takes a second to realize there is a park bench as the background in the photo. There are also the repeating lines in the second photo of the water drain. 

Anne Geddes also has many photographs of a pair of hands holding a tiny baby. My intention for the third photograph represents this same theme. While the new vibrant flower is the central focus in my picture, the baby is the central focus in Anne Geddes picture. Though the hands are not the central focus they help with the composition of my photograph. 

My last picture is just a silly picture I took of Jesse. I love that it is showing off his crazy, almost boyish personality. While the trees are organic and form almost a V shape, the background of the buildings as a landscape show geometric lines that also has quite a bit of repetition. The tree that Jesse is climbing is the central focus and the tree right behind it helps form a V shape. These tree's are curvy and the buildings and a few trees in the background are straight. 

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